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Hi!!! That's me 👉🏻

I am a Senior Content Writer with over 4 years of experience across various industries

and content domains. 


And here’s my elevator pitch! *Takes a deep breath*


From essay writing in school to dabbling in advertising projects during college to

venturing into digital media, I have embraced my role as an SEO content aficionado.

I have worked on projects where strategy, creativity and optimization intertwined. 


I thrive on nervous energy. I love abandoning hobbies only to rediscover them when the 3 am passion hits on a work night. Most days, you'll find me knuckles deep in keywords and analytics and ad copies, juggling between at least 13 open tabs at once (because research and curiosity never ends). I'm crippled without my beloved notebooks and my collection of stolen pens (I went through a stationary klepto phase). Currently, I am seeking new avenues to delve into ideation and more creative-driven projects.


Feedbacks, numbers, and projects from word-of-mouth are my testament from the clients and my colleagues, affirming that I must be doing something right.


Onto driving bigger and better results! Perhaps, with your brand. 

Oh, and I make art for fun. My art dump → 

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We are both in pursuit of excellence and it seems we have crossed paths. Why not team up? 

Let's connect!

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